Legends of Onile Brings African Fantasy To Durham, NC

Nadjib Assani has been on a decade long crusade to create a large body of work that encompasses sculptures, animation and many illustrations. He will be showcasing his African fantasy series, Legends of Onile in Durham, NC at The Carrack. His series is loosely based on Yoruba culture/mythology and highlights various African deities. If you attend his upcoming showcase, you will have an opportunity to explore the gods, heroes and villains within the vast world that he has imagined . The pinnacle of the evening will be an animated trailer that will bring the characters to life.  You will be entranced by the beauty of the images and the detail of his work. Make plans to explore the world of Onile!

Learn more at http://www.legendsofonile.com/index.html OR  https://www.facebook.com/events/554873274666083/